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A national certification is required in order to be a personal trainer. When you take our personal training courses at Body Design Personal Training, we will prepare you for the test to receive your personal training certification. Our courses are taught in the Atlanta, GA area and are only 12 sessions long.

You will get a certified from the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) after you pass the certification exam at our school. The personal training certification is nationally accreted by the NCCA. You will be tested on material learned in our courses and in the Personal Trainer Manual; you will be required to study. The 120 multiple-choice test will take up to 2 hours to complete.

Achieving your personal training certification is a wonderful accomplishment. All the hard work you put into the course pays off, not just financially but emotionally as well. You will be able to help people become the very best versions of themselves. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job. Watching someone transform before your very own eyes due to your hard work and dedication to their health and fitness is what will drive you everyday.

Earning your personal trainer certification not only helps you but other people as well. You are motivating and encouraging your clients to lose weight, eat healthy and stay in shape. A lot of people find it hard to stick to a regular workout schedule. You give them the opportunity to have someone hold them accountable during each session. You are the reason they succeed, and there is not a better feeling than your clients reaching their goals because of your service.

Get your personal training certification with us at Body Design Personal Training in Atlanta, GA. We guarantee it will be one of the most rewarding investments in yourself you will ever make.